A request to interview you for this site and as part of a program of continuing research on the necessity for shareholder-focused declarations of organisational learning

Dear Allan

Apologies, as I contacted you via LinkedIn and you replied, it was inappropriate for me to ask you to send me an email address, as even though you know who I am by my LinkedIn profile, I could be anyone wishing in some way to scam you. 

This is not my intention at all, which is why I wanted to post this message here, where nothing is hidden.

To explain, I am of the view that Australian shareholders are in great potential jeopardy and in need of protection as the economy shifts to one that is entirely digital, presenting new and certain impacts of whose potential risk most investors will still simply be unaware.

The scale of the problem makes this an issue of national vulnerability and competitiveness, not least given the consistently growing amount of funds Australia has invested in superannuation.

My aim through this site is to bring to the awareness of all investors, mum-and-dad retail and professional alike, the need to invest only in businesses that have a strategy for learning they can articulate and declare to their shareholders about how they intend to address this unknown future.

Without such conscious and deliberate preparation, businesses’ failure is almost certain, taking their investors’ funds with them.

To this end, I’d like to interview you to seek your views and opinions on the best way of alerting your members to their need to invest only in companies of whose plans and undertakings for this now-certain future they are confident.

In this, I’d like also to seek your views concerning the form and nature of reporting ASX-listed businesses can offer their shareholders to provide them with the comfort they seek that those in which they invest are taking the necessary steps to survive.

My interest in this is not driven solely by pessimism, but also the opposite. This is also a time of great promise and unprecedented opportunity for many businesses able to grasp the power of their digitally capable, enabled employees in harnessing the power and potential of such learning.

To heighten awareness of this future, my first supporter and interviewee on this subject was Robert Hillard, chief strategy and innovation officer of Deloitte.

But neither Robert nor I are alone in our fears or concerns. As this BusinessInsider piece from August, citing the work of Ken Dovey, at the University of Technology in Sydney and his academic partner, and, in turn, Bain and Company partner Laurent-Pierre Baculard and colleagues, says: 

“Many describe digital innovation as a wave, which implies that once it passes, everything will resolve to a new normal. But we see it as a tide that is in constant and powerful flux. Hyperconnectivity; massive, cloud-based computing power; streams of data tamed by predictive analytics—all are colliding with trillions in investment capital to produce a new era for business, characterized by constant innovation, the prevalence of predictive analytics and dramatically accelerating cycle times.” 

The BusinessInsider piece concludes: “That would easily overwhelm a centralised command-and-control business structure, making this kind of changed enterprise logic a must-have for a successful digital transition.”

Having studied similar matter for my own MBA (Technology) from UNSW, this is exactly my preoccupation. My belief is that neither our businesses nor the ways in which they report on their learning to investors are sufficiently set up for this inevitable future, and their shareholders, most likely without having studied this, are also mostly unaware.

However, by applying the right kind of attention to them, we can contribute to the greater chances of survival of the majority of ASX-listed businesses, rather than the few, and it is to this that I’d like to draw your own focus, and to discuss with you, if you are interested.

Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to the prospect of speaking with you.

Kind regards

Graham Lauren
0416 171724

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