Amid pervasive, post-Facebook internet social literacy, network-driven organisational learning is a force that will change the world

In a Learning Economy, the coming power of distributed minds working in unison towards a declared greater goal, at digitally connected network speed, learning and self-correcting to script as they proceed, is as predictable as it is inevitable.

In an internet socially literate world, therefore, network-driven organisational learning is a force that will change the world, because when knowledge is not joined up, companies leak money and value quickly:

  • In not making the most of the intelligence they contain
  • In running sub-optimal practices and processes
  • By building weak and ignorant workplace cultures
  • In marketing opportunities lost to others
  • In missing out on recruiting the smartest and most self-motivated learning staff
  • In lost opportunities for innovation and NPD
  • In lost opportunities for favourable publicity and media attention
  • In lost reputational advantage for advances on sustainability
  • In lost opportunities for integration across divisions post M&A activity
  • By failing to sense the future
  • By failing to create new business models
  • By failing to capture and to feed to leaders, investors and owners key information on which those at the helm can make better decisions

To counter this, they must focus on objectives, such as:

  • Building an inquisitive, learning-driven management culture that adapts to the future
  • Sensitising the business for strategic agility by understanding better the detail of the constantly shifting environment in which it trades
  • Driving objective-led learning across a business’s value-adding and value-chain processes


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