Knowledge is power, and when it is shared, organised and grown, it can become infinitely more powerful. And when it is also fresh and new, it can change a business’s game and open new paths to profitability.

In any business, there exists more knowledge, experience and insight than ever gets put to use.

But if you are a leader, what is known by your people, or what they can learn, is not necessarily yet known by you, nor is it ready to be shared and grown.

Likely as not, you also neither want to have to forage for their knowledge, nor wish to attempt to consume it from a firehose of random data.

In order to give what your workplace can contribute value for managers and leaders, its insights must be presented simply in such a way that it is readily digestible, such that it can be understood easily by all, and that its validity can usefully be probed and tested.

In the way the world is moving, social internet literacy is unrealised business capital, and knowing what a company’s minds are capable of in a learning economy is simply good organisational intellectual hygiene.

Yet, curious as they may be about what your workplace knows and can learn, your own organisation’s leaders and managers are busy, and in an age of possible information overload, likely already have more than enough to read on any given day.

As such, the questions and data learning exercises can generate must be captured, summarised and presented to them simply, as reports they will want to read, and can understand and act on.

Based on what the exercises reveal, they may, of course, want to dig deeper and ask other questions of teams across the organisation.

To address this challenge, in Narrative Learning, The Learning Economy offers the most naturally productive and economic collaborative workplace learning solution of all.

We don’t pretend to possess your managers’ expert insider knowledge of your business, and we certainly won’t presume to act as anything other than their assistant in delivering to them learning they can apply.

But, properly briefed, we are quick and highly qualified learners, and as experienced, appropriately skilled, professional editorial sensemakers, The Learning Economy’s team will work to present and deliver materials your leaders can use, according to their own rolling prescription and as determined by the clear and agreed objectives set out at the beginning of any learning exercise.

Find more about our background here, and download a short .pdf document about our approach to Narrative Learning here.