Spot learning profile, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, based on CBA 2019 Annual Report

Spot learning profile, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, based on CBA 2019 Annual Report

This is a summary Learning Economy analysis based on key Google searches about the company, and on counts of the number of pages on which the listed keywords appear (page mentions) in the document concerned. Please note that at this point this summary is strictly quantitative and not qualitative in any way. (That is coming.)

Google searches yielded: 

Learning report: no

Learning statement: no

Learning officer: no

Sustainability report: yes

The set of documents presented here appear instead of intending to inform a confusing attempt to muddy waters of reporting and to wear down even the most earnest and quizzical reader.

Page mentions found in report of: 

Learning strategy: 0

Transformation: 5 pages.

Agility: 1 pages.

Learning: 8 pages.

Learning and development: 0

Collaboration: 4 pages.

Knowledge: 7 pages.

Knowledge management: 0

Capability: 5 pages.

Capability development: 0

Continuous improvement: 1 pages.

Innovation: 15 pages.

Teamwork: 0

Organisational development: 0


Please note the limited context of this report, but consider, in brief summary, that:

• If you are an investor, while you may back past performance, it is the future growth of your shareholdings that will most interest you.

• At a time of massive, fundamental structural change in the digitising economy, you will want to know that the companies you’ve invested in are fit for the future, and are ready and constantly preparing for whatever change comes at them next.

• In the age of pervasive digitisation, there is no possible single array of set and forget positions, and all companies will now be on a constant path of “becoming,” that necessitates persistent learning of how to sustain their capabilities and relevance.

For further information on a possible future form of investor reporting we consider better suited to its times, on which the above is based, please contemplate: “The annual learning economy report shareholders need,” at this link:

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