What big objectives will drive your business’s learning in the Learning Economy?

If they are to come out ahead, those who invest in Learning Economy businesses must also understand the learning imperatives driving competition within it, and within them, and currently, you won’t find this awareness apparent in the annual reports of any of those ASX-listed Australian financial services and investment institutions listed here.

To compete in the Learning Economy, businesses must move fast, and become constantly alert, agile and able to drive and respond at speed to the diverse and shifting nature of customer demand, if they are ever to be able to anticipate and capitalise on its value.

Those companies’ structures, work processes, cultures and thinking patterns must consistently meet preconditions of foresight, initiative, responsiveness, flexibility and innovation.

Yet, without deliberate, focused and objective-led learning across the enterprise, adapting to this new world is forever less likely to become a native capacity.

If they are ever to be able to drive and respond at speed to capitalise on the value of the diverse and shifting nature of customer demand, businesses competing in the Learning Economy must move fast, becoming increasingly agile and constantly alert to change.

To compete more effectively, such strategically agile organisations develop systems to ensure that:

  • Timely and relevant strategic information, innovation and ideas flow both down and up through organisation
  • They effectively engage all employees and stakeholders in their vision and in executing their mission
  • They accept all ideas as being equal and that the best ideas do not have to come from the top
  • They grow and recognise the importance and contribution of diverse, informed perspectives

The enhanced service-orientation required to capture, retain and grow the loyalty of wildly different individual customers requires unprecedented qualities of businesses competing in this new industrial revolution.

And those investing in companies that are absent of these qualities – and maybe even those working within them – will surely lose their shirts.

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