What is universal internet social literacy and what should we do with it?

(Please note, you may see a very similar set of words to what follows used in slightly varying forms in several places on this site. I just wrote this post as a simple single pointer to those who just need the gist, and don’t wish or need to dig any further.)

At whatever stage your own business is, it needs its knowledge working harder, because when knowledge is not joined up, companies leak competitive advantage, money and value.

For investors, knowing what a company’s minds are capable of is simple organisational intellectual hygiene.

Although it may sound like hyperbole, against this, every organisation now has access to the most powerful, connected management force for human-centred change the world has yet seen.

We can describe this as “universal internet social literacy.” 

Essentially, everybody now knows how to use social media to write online, upload and share material and to make comments about those items uploaded by others.

Our ease of communication online enables us to encounter, tease out and bring attention to many more, often unexpected, ideas.

This fluency is now native to every employee in every business, and to every socially internet literate customer.

When such communications are in writing, those documented thoughts, ideas and wishes can be summarised and reported on.

Because its output is written and can be edited, this literacy can be used to record what is known, to investigate further and to direct what can and must be learned.

Thus, editing focuses the collective mind on what management believes matters most, and to report what it chooses and how it is told.

Reports guide both action and enquiry, so management now can tap with purpose into diverse perspectives and intelligence that was previously both unknown and unreachable.

Anything considered worth exploring further can be pulled aside and tested in greater detail.

Offering the control to focus employee awareness and creativity, workplace internet social literacy contains an unprecedented intellectual energy simply waiting to be activated in a business’s favour.

And, available to every organisation are also the mirroring internal, Facebook-like private technologies required to transform any business’s knowledge into management action.

Thus, the raw human resources and refining technologies already exist and just need to be brought coherently together.

In applying their combined force, management now has access to an unprecedented, constantly renewable and inexhaustible resource, whose creativity may be limited only by its imagination in what it asks for.

By capturing collective knowledge and working together in productive, thought-out and well-designed collaboration, we can find better ways of doing pretty much anything.

And, with diverse and distributed minds working collaboratively in unison towards a greater goal, connected at digital-network speeds, the network-driven learning and change this will spur will become an unstoppable force in reshaping our world.